Interested in donating to the museum? Great! There are a variety of ways to help!

As our mission of preserving the past leads us further into the future, so too does our need to blaze new, sustainable trails for financial continuity. For this reason, the museum has created a number of donation and endowment options for potential contributors to consider.

Monetary Donations

One of the most common ways the museum receives support is by voluntary, tax-deductible donations by patrons and members of the community. Monetary donations to the museum can be allocated to fund committees, finance general museum expenses, or satisfy specific needs of the museum. Donations can also be given to honor or memorialize loved ones.

Physical Donations

The donation of items and artifacts useful to the museum’s mission is another popular way to provide support. The majority of our current artifacts collection is made up of items that have been generously gifted to the museum. The museum has also received a number of donations that have helped with general maintenance and operating procedures. We are gracious for any gesture of support via physical donation, but each item is evaluated before acceptance according to need and space.

Other ways to support the museum.

Membership Program

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The Endowment Fund

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