Gift Shop

More convenient check-out experience

We’ve updated our gift shop to include a modernized point-of-sale system, making checking-out quick and easy for our patrons and allows us to focus more closely on ensuring that each and every experience is a memorable one for our customers.

New and exciting products

We’ve supplied our store with a variety of new products which help to better accentuate Halifax County’s long and colorful history and the culture and lifestyle of the South. Among many of our best-selling items, the gift shop now offers:

  • A broader variety of books written by local authors and relevant to regional and local history
  • A revamped kid’s section with toys, gadgets, and gizmos for all to enjoy
  • A collection of original and printed art pieces by local and regional artists
  • An assortment of knick-knacks and souvenirs significant to the old-fashion and country living

Member Loyalty Program

Those who join the Membership Program are now rewarded for their support, which includes discounts on many of the items available in the gift shop.

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